What is Discover Downey?

Discover Downey is a community development initiative meant to promote Downey as a unique place to live, work, and play by centralizing community-wide events, attractions, shopping & dining options, and other useful information. Through effective branding & media platforms, it provides our city with a modern ‘look & feel’ while paying homage to its deep-rooted history.

Discover Culture

Discover the many art, culture, and community events happening in Downey.

Discover History

Discover Downey’s rich history through bi-weekly photographs and stories.

Photo: Downey Historical Society

Discover Opportunity

Discover the many economic development opportunities available in Downey.

Cohesive Branding. Unified Community.

The new brand identity bridges what makes our city special, giving way for a more unified community. It celebrates our local culture, history, and the many opportunities our bright future has to offer. It will be implemented throughout Downey starting with stationery, promotional items, downtown banner programs and more.

Curious about the new logo? View the Brand Process PDF Guide here.

Discover Your Downey, Online.

The Discover Downey website allows residents, visitors, and potential business owners to discover their Downey. It will become the ‘hub’ by centralizing the greatest things our city has to offer. From highlighting a local restaurant, to publicizing the next big music festival, no longer will you be left wondering what is happening around town.